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Film Festival

In the era of the rapidly growing film industry, film festivals promote the makers of the film including the presence of every individual who has contributed to its making from the scriptwriters to the promotion handlers it leaves everyone being noticed and rewarded. Awards are given to appreciate their hard work and motivate their budding talent. They showcase unique stories which have won many hearts. If a movie is nominated along with other international movies screened at international film festivals, the movie is progressing to a next level, encouraging its writer, director, and other artists.

Undoubtedly, these film festivals serve as a huge source of entertainment through singing, dancing, drama, action, etc. Documentary films being the new trend are quite popular among the youths. Film festivals besides being a great place for advertisements benefit the local merchants to a great extent. Tourists during their stay are most likely to visit the local stores and restaurants. Thus they promote tourism in the city. The festivals are inviting and engaging, revealing stories which one may not be able to see in other venues. They serve as an ideal platform for sharing of ideas and experiences.

In order to encourage the Indian Cinema in Ireland, we at Haperty strive to organize a film festival every year. This annual event will allow Indian Cinema to showcase its exclusive work on foreign land, on the other hand, people of Ireland will get the opportunity to unveil and enjoy the music, art, and talent of this most loved industry after Hollywood. In order to grab the interest of Bollywood lovers of Ireland, we invite a prominent actor of the showcased cinema for the premiere.

We invite people across Ireland and nearby regions to enroll for this festival of talent, art, and stars.

We bring for you, star-studded nights, literally!