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Electric Holi Festival

Holi, a festival of colors is the celebration of life itself. It is the most vibrant of all Hindu festivals, it marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring season in India. A popular festival with the theme of good over evil is now being celebrated in various other countries too. The vibrancy of colors is what brings in ultimate joy and positivity, it unites family and friends.

The origin of this unique ancient Hindu festival has various mythological stories of legends underneath it. The day before Holi is played, people light a small bonfire later enjoy singing and dancing activities surrounding the bonfire. The lighting up the bonfire symbolizes the triumph of good over bad, being called as the "Holika Dahan" and the next day celebration of Holi.

The entire country gets immersed in this colorful occasion a few days before its celebration, painting the street with vibrant colors. Spraying colors on all your friends and family with great joy and enthusiasm. Because of this, it is being widely played in many other countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia and many more marking its significance of the victory of good over evil.

It is unjustified to restrict this joyous festival in terms of nationality or religion, hence we have partnered with Holi Concept GmbH in order to spread the smiles and hues in Europe. The festival is celebrated in various cities across the continent. The most recent being on 1st June 2019 at Heidelberg. It is a beautiful, exquisite and fascinating to see people emerged in the colors of delight!


Because colors have no religion!