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About Us




HAPERTY- ‘Happiness Guaranteed’ is an Irish company with a global vision to unify and provide the business opportunities on a single platform. With the help of the company’s broad vision, there will be ample freedom and a chance for the business enthusiasts to tap and explore untouched markets globally. The company is kick-starting by serving two biggest and definitely profitable industries ‘Real estate promotions’ and ‘Event management’. One part of the company will be dealing with the online portal which provides a massive single platform for property professionals and individuals from more than 21 countries. With their years of experience and exclusive properties, through the property portal offered by HAPERTY, users can deal with, not only the national clients but they can explore internationally as well. The other part of the company will be dealing with Event Management, where a large number of people will be gathered for the various events like real-estate/property exhibitions, fashion show, festival occasions/celebrations, education fairs, etc. These events will be a great platform where our business partners can represent themselves in front of the international/multinational communities. We will help your business to grow globally at a faster rate.


HAPERTY was founded in June 2018, with a plan to provide services in more than 21 countries. Haperty's CEO has over 15+ years of hard-core (extreme) considerable experience in Civil Engineering, Project Cost Estimation, Quantity Surveying, Project Planning and Execution, Quality Control and Contracts Administration, Management experience for various projects in Ireland, India and UAE. He has a stellar record of generating extraordinary performances in a competitive scenario across multi-diversified organizations and conglomerates. He has successfully completed various high profile work projects within the Government and Private Sectors. With his experience and practical training received, supported by his strengths and abilities such as comprehensive problem solving, planning, communication and time control, he is confident that he can deliver positive results and add value to the company.


HAPERTY is an Irish company with its headquarters in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and a subsidiary office in India. As being the capital city of the country, Dublin provides the availability of elite talent and flexible approach towards new businesses. In addition to this, the Irish Government implements a pro-business policy which provides excellent business opportunities not only in the country but also in entire Europe. We are aiming to give a rightful chance to over ‘Two Thousand’ potential candidates from various backgrounds to join us in the next five years, who will share the same compassion and vision for the further development of the company as well as the society. In order to achieve this goal, we aim to provide appropriate training, valuable guidance and support at various levels using our expertise with world-class facilities. We are working on developing an exceptional team which will focus on timely delivery of end-to-end solutions while maintaining global standards of our customers and clients.