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About Us

HAPERTY‘Happiness guaranteed’is an Irish company with its headquarters in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The company is serving two massively increasing industries ‘Real Estate promotions’ and ‘Event Management’.

The ‘Real Estate Promotions ’aims to provide all the amenities for property professionals and those looking out to buy one the freedom to choose property located in more than 21 countries based on various smart and advanced filters as per their convenience on an online portal.

The ‘Event Management’ takes care of all the events, fashion shows, educational and job fairs, real estate exhibitions, art exhibitions, film festivals, concerts and more, thereby giving the members and businesses a great opportunity to expand their business at a faster rate by promoting their events and online selling of tickets making it a huge success.

HAPERTY was founded in June 2018, is a start-up company. We endeavor to offer rightful opportunities to dynamic and talented professionals from diverse fields sharing the same compassion and vision, thereby helping them to shape their careers. We aim to provide excellent training, valuable guidance and support to learn, grow and excel in the specific domain. The training will be used to provide problem handling, communication and effectively solving concerns giving end-to-end solutions to our clients and customers internationally.

Benefits for the clients

We offer significant benefit to the clients in terms of time, cost and resources. Haperty is an integrated solution provider that endeavors to cater to all the services associated with real estate promotion and even management. The current portal facilitates clients to browse through all the events and properties and the related services like home loan, travel packages and more at their own terms and convenience.

This gives service buyers the freedom to flip through a range of listicles, choose the one that they find attractive and lock the deal. On the other hand, the suppliers enjoy the benefit of reaching out to a larger audience, irrespective of their timezone and place of browsing. Thereby, saving cost, time and resources for both buyer and supplier.


With Haperty, save your time and make yourself prime!